Our Story as Grace Bible Church Paris

Wherever we see the Word of God purely preached and heard, there a church of God exists, even if it swarms with many faults.
— John Calvin

What we believe about God shapes everything we do as a church. In all things, we seek to bring glory to God by making disciples of Jesus Christ through gospel-centered worship, fellowship, and discipleship.

Grace Bible Church of Paris began after much prayerful deliberation by our first members, having our first service the Sunday of September 1, 2019, our celebrated date of establishment.
Wanting to make a bigger impact in God’s Kingdom, our first members agreed upon several doctrines to not only do so, but which are vital for the Christian church-

  1. God is comprehensively sovereign.
  2. Verse-by-verse expositional preaching.
  3. Missional discipleship for Jesus, as He commanded in Scripture.
  4. Scripture determines doctrine.

We, as a Reformed church body, believe God’s Word is precious and infallible, are
member-governed but elder-led.

Since our establishment, God has blessed and provided graciously, having grown in size and membership, as well as assisted in three other like-minded, autonomous church plants.

As prescribed in Scripture, we welcome each and every person in our church with generous hospitality.